A study of impact of packaging

Cardboard November 20, By ismuser There is no doubt that all packaging materials have some sort of impact on the environment. The question is what types have the greatest impact, and whose responsibility is it to limit environmental costs? According to Frank Ackerman from Tufts University, in packaging in general was responsible for about a third of all the municipal waste in the US. This implies that the consumer has a vital role to play, because manufacturers are catering to their needs.

A study of impact of packaging

The purpose of this research is to examine the essential factors, which are driving the success of a brand. This research also identified the relationship between the dependent and independent variables. This is the primary research and data has been collected through questionnaire and for analysis purpose SPSS software has been used.

In this study samples of respondents has been collected and tested the reliability of the model. According to the finding of the research study, it has been observed that the packaging is the most important factor.

A study of impact of packaging

It is further concluded that the packaging elements like its Colour, Packaging material, Design of Wrapper and innovation are more important factors when consumers making any buying decision. Packaging is a whole package that becomes an ultimate selling proposition, which stimulates impulse buying behavior.

Packaging increases sales and market share and reduces market and promotional costs.

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Previous researches show that there is no agreement on overall classification of packaging material and package elements. People perceive the brand image with positive attitude.


Increase in impulse buying behavior labeling is also communicating to the customer. Saeed, Lodhi, Mukhtar, Hussain, Mahmood and Ahmadintegrate the brand image, brand attachment and environmental effects and their impact on consumer purchase decision. The consumers purchase more quantity of the products, after looking a well-labeled product.

In recent times, people are becoming more concerned towards green purchasing because of a grown consciousness for environmental protection.

Green purchasing is essentially the act of buying environmental friendly products. They can gift complementary products to encourage consumer to buying impulse. Also sealers can increase apparel impulse buying with decorating their stores in modern style and use attractive lights and colours.

The result of the study proves that there is a pivotal relationship between window display, credit card, promotional activities discount, free product and consumer impulse buying behaviour Alice, This research investigated consumer perceptions and buying behavior of baby care products.


According to Butkeviciene, Stravinskiene and A. Rutelioneimpulse buying is indeed a relevant factor in CE retailing, thus justifying the use of sales packaging. However, optimization is still important. Consumer can change its decision regarding Packaging material.

High quality Packaging attract consumer then low quality Packaging.

Post-Implementation Review of Tobacco Plain Packaging 2016 The purpose of this research is to examine the essential factors, which are driving the success of a brand. This research also identified the relationship between the dependent and independent variables.

So packaging material has strong impact on buying behavior. Mostly the children of 18 years are so sensitive to the design of wrapper. The companies try their best to create attractive design of packaging. Dependent Variable Consumer Buying Behavior Tools of Data Collection In order to find data on role of packaging on consumer buying behavior, we will collect data on four variables:Impact of Packaging on Sales Volume, A Comparative Study of Made in Nigeria and Foreign Products Good quality packaging is a contributory factor to sales volume enhancement.

This is however a reverse in the rural areas of Nigeria with the South East geo-political zone as study area. impact of plastics packaging on life cycle energy consumption & greenhouse gas emissions in the united states and canada substitution analysis. CONCLUSION & RECOMMENDATION Conclusion Results of research study regarding the role of packaging on consumer’s buying behavior stipulated following conclusions: • Packaging could be treated as one of the most valuable tool in today’s marketing communications, necessitating more detail analysis of its elements and an impact of those.

Department of Health | Evaluation of tobacco plain packaging in Australia

m-polyethylene) - packaging materials commercially available for the high pressure treatment. This study is contributing to the general understanding of the impact of combined pressure-heat treatment on packaging materials.

Moreover, the packaging materials influence on the safety and the shelf life properties of the foodstuffs was considered. Case Studies - Page 1.

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The Dow Chemical Company recently announced the winners of the 30th Awards for Packaging Innovation, which recognizes the packaging industry’s top achievements in innovative packaging designs, materials, technologies, and processes.

The Environmental Impacts of Packaging • Photodegradable plastics.

A study of impact of packaging

are those degradable plastics where primary mechanism of degradation is through the action of sunlight.

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