Action plans for a coffee shops

Opening the best coffee house this side of the Mississippi was only the beginning. Now you have to get the word out. This is where a well-thought-out marketing plan comes in.

Action plans for a coffee shops

Single Use Coffee Cup Reduction InRecycling Advocates kicked off a campaign focused on reducing the number of disposable, single use coffee cups going into area landfills.

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This campaign will be a multi-year initiative for us, until we create a change in behavior within the Portland metro region, where disposable coffee cups are no longer the standard method for drinking coffee. Why did we select this campaign?

Disposable coffee cups are NOT recyclable! EACH disposable coffee cup is responsible for 0. Paper cups are not recyclable because of the plastic liner and coffee contamination.


Garbage haulers do not accept plastic lids in curbside recycling bins. Cardboard sleeves can be recycled and reused, but often are not.

Action plans for a coffee shops

The vast majority of disposable cups and lids sold at coffee shops eventually arrive at the landfill. You can bring your own reusable coffee cup and give it to the barista to fill up your coffee both hot and cold.

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If an individual purchases a disposable cup every day, this creates about 23 pounds of waste per year. According to a study by Starbucks, each paper cup manufactured is responsible for 0. What can you do to help our campaign?

Encourage your local coffee shop to get involved with our campaign by incentivizing or encouraging their customers to avoid disposable coffee cups. Bring your own cup, or use a reusable mug in the store when you go to a coffee shop. Check out other Portland residents who already bring their own cup!

Live or work in Portland? What are we encouraging coffee shops to do to support this campaign? Offer an incentive for customers who bring their own reusable cup. Financial incentives are typically 10 or 25 cents in the Portland area.

This can be a discount, an additional tax for those who use disposable cupsor donation to a charity. Offer reusable cups for dining in. Provide educational materials and information about disposable cups to customers Examples include table tents, email to newsletters, posts to social media, signs and posters on the wall, allow our handouts and materials to be displayed in the shop, etc.

First of all let me explain that I do not have ED. However I used both the Kamagra oral jelly and Kamagra tablet not at the same time when I plan to have more than 3 sexual intercourses per day. Starbucks has actually done quite a few things to improve their impact on the environment.

They offer in-store cups for use when you asksell reusable cups, and offer a 10 cent discount when you bring your own.

Action plans for a coffee shops

However, I think this statement from their website summarizes the need for individuals to drive this campaign through their behavior change. We will continue to explore new ways to reduce our cup waste but ultimately it will be our customers who control whether or not we achieve continued growth in the number of beverages served in reusable cups.

Contact us if you know of a coffee shop that is encouraging reusable cups and trying to reduce disposable options. If you are a coffee shop and want to get more involved, contact us to learn what you can do and how you can get featured on our site and with our members and volunteers.Oct 20,  · Browse our free coffee shop sample business plans You can also turn to our business plan templates for guidance.

Whether you’re starting a little coffee and internet café or a coffee house bistro, there’s a business plan template to suit your coffee shop needs/5(). Big Mocha Joe’s plans to sell all types of coffee beverages, as well as an assortment of pastries.

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In addition, it will also sell coffee related products, such as beans sourced worldwide, french press coffee machines, and coffee grinders. Opening the best coffee house this side of the Mississippi was only the beginning.

Now you have to get the word out. This is where a well-thought-out marketing plan comes in. Marketing a business. The experts at Pro Business Plans have worked with many coffee shops to create business plans for investment and strategy.

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To that end, we intend to open {name of shop}, which will be a coffee shop that will sell {coffee drinks, coffee beans, and any retail products, etc.} We will provide our customers with excellent service in a {type of atmosphere you intend for your shop to have}.

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