An analysis of the warped mind of nick decamp

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An analysis of the warped mind of nick decamp

Responding to increasing criticism of its commuter service to and from New York, DeCamp Bus Lines participated in a community forum in Bloomfield on April 30 to get feedback from dissatisfied riders on a myriad of problems including but not limited to canceled buses, delays, insolent drivers, and surly dispatchers.

Bloomfield Mayor Michael Venezia also attended. Jonathan DeCamp, vice president of DeCamp Bus Lines, read a statement in which he had heard the complaints from riders and said he heard them loud and clear. Our passengers are extremely important to us, and we want to try to get things corrected.

The buses themselves, which are leased from the state via a federal subsidy, are aging faster than they can be replaced and are increasingly prone to breakdowns. Pantel also said that the past winter has strained the fleet even more, while the closure of the Pulaski Skyway has had an adverse impact on traffic going into Manhattan via the Lincoln Tunnel.

Schedules have had to be adjusted accordingly. Pantel had told the audience that a Global Position System GPS network to monitor progress on routes was looked at but was deemed too costly. Riders scoffed at this, suggesting that a cell phone application could be created for DeCamp customers to subscribe to in order to keep tabs on buses.

DeCamp said he could look into that as a possibility.

An analysis of the warped mind of nick decamp

DeCamp uses Twitter to convey delays of morning-rush buses. Riders also complained about the drivers themselves, with rider J.

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Pat Johnson, a West Caldwell resident who takes the bus to get to his job as a New York City taxi driver, suggested that drivers have photo IDs clearly visible in the buses just as his is in his cab. Senator Rice also said that reporting problems should be a priority, not just among bus riders but among DeCamp and other independent bus lines in the state, particularly regarding issues that the state is obligated to help with.But your mind is warped by an innate principle of general integrity, and therefore not accessible to the cool reasonings of family partiality, or a desire of revenge.

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Oct 30,  · DeCamp comptroller Erwin Pantel followed with an analysis of the difficulties the company faces, some due to internal problems and other s based on circumstances beyond its control.

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