Construction estimating essay

A good estimating strategy enables the management to recover costs in a timely and well planned manner. It also facilitates the management and contractors to realize the areas that are more capital-intensive well in advance.

Construction estimating essay

A good estimator should possess the following qualifications: A thorough understanding of architectural drawings. A sound knowledge of building materials, construction methods and customs prevailing in the trade. A fund of information collected or gained through experience in construction work, relating to materials required, hourly output of workers and plant, overhead expenses and costs of all kinds.

An understanding of a good method of preparing an estimate. A systematic and orderly mind. Ability to do careful and accurate calculations.

Construction Estimate Template

Ability to collect, classify and evaluate data that would be useful in estimating. Good instruction or careful and thorough study of a standard book will help a beginner to become a good estimator. He must, however, try to develop all the above mentioned qualities while obtaining practical experience.

In order to prepare a detailed estimate the estimator must have with him the following data: Plans, sections and other relevant details of the work.

Specifications indicating the exact nature and class of materials to be used. The rates at which the different items of work are carried out.

To enable an estimator to take out the quantities accurately, the drawings must themselves be clear, true to the fact and scale, complete, and fully dimensioned. The estimator has also to bear in mind certain principles of taking out quantities. There are three clearly defined steps in the preparation of an estimate.

Taking out quantities In the first step of taking out quantities, the measurements are taken off from the drawings and entered on measurement sheet or dimension paper. The measurements to be taken out would depend upon the unit of measurement.

Construction estimating essay

For example, in the case of stone masonry in superstructure, length, thickness and height of the walls above plinth level would be taken out from the drawings and entered on the measurement sheet, whereas, in the case of plastering only the lengths and heights of the walls would be entered.

Obviously, the unit of measurement in the first case is cubic meter and that in the second case is square meter. Squaring out The second step consists of working out volumes, areas, etc.

Abstracting In the third step all the items along with the net results obtained in the second step are transferred from measurement sheets to specially ruled sheets having rate column ready for pricing.

The second and third steps above are known as working up. All calculations in these stages and every entry transferred should be checked by another person to ensure that no mathematical or copying error occurs. Standard Method of Measurement of Building Works: The different methods of measuring used by various Central and State Government departments and by construction agencies were found to be a serious difficulty to estimators and a standing cause of disputes.

For this reason a unification of the various systems at the technical level had been accepted as very desirable and wanting.

Although the standard has no legal sanction and as such need not be adopted unless it is referred to in the contracts. Principles of Deciding Unit of Measurement: A beginner may find it difficult to remember the units of measurement of different items.

Memorizing of units of measurement would be greatly simplified if he knows the principles kept in view while selecting the units of measurements. Following are the most important principles of selection of unit of measurement: The unit of measurement should be simple and convenient to measure, record and understand.

It should be one, which provides for fair payment for the work involved. In the result it should yield quantities, which are neither too minute nor too large.Essay: Construction costs Building Design and Construction is the process of creating a plan and adding structure to real property or construction of buildings.

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Free Construction Estimate Template

ESTIMATING PROJECT TIMES AND COSTS Estimating is the process of forecasting or approximating the time and cost of completing project deliverables.

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Construction estimating essay

The Civil Engineering Measuring Estimating And Tendering Construction Essay. Construction undertaking appraisals are priced utilizing a measure of measures this is a elaborate description of the points needed to complete the merchandise and their costs.

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