Dbm 380 week 4 normalization of huffman erd doc

DBM Week 1 Individual:

Dbm 380 week 4 normalization of huffman erd doc

Using the search strings listed in the Electronic Reserve Readings for Week one search for additional information on database systems. What information would your provide to an organization or your employer on why database systems should be used?

What were the advantages?

Dbm 380 week 4 normalization of huffman erd doc

Databases are very important in every organization. Databases can be used to track various information form employee data to monthly sales.


Depending on the size of your organization, can determine the best way to store you data. Microsoft Access is wonderful program that is suitable for a small work environment. Sometimes a Excel spreadsheet can meet you data storage needs.

But larger organization needs to consider using a database management system DBMS. DBM Week 2 DQ 1 Think of a situation where null value should be allowed and a situation where it should not be allowed.

What are the consequences of inappropriate null settings? Currently I am in the United States Army.

Dbm 380 week 4 normalization of huffman erd doc

We track a lot of data in the unit level for all of soldiers. One of the most key database trackers would be tracking training data. I chose this database because the importance of being able to track this data. Knowing that your soldiers are fully trained is very important in making sure they can succeed on the battlefield.

This type of database would allow supervisors to check training stats, get physical training test average, and generate reports to keep track who is due or behind with training requirements.

Due to this having to be a rather large database using Microsoft Access will not be suitable. This system will be a user-friendly system that will take a short training session to learn.

It will have also have shorts cuts that will generate common reports that will be needed on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Huffman Trucking has provided Smith Consulting with access to their existing database. By accessing the database Smith Consulting will determine what entities currently exist in the database, and the attributes of each entity.

Smith Consulting will then interview Huffman employees who regularly use the database. The information gathered during the interviews will aid in the creation of a Use Case diagram.

Each part in the parts catalogue has the following attributes: At what level of inventory is the part to be replenished Reorder Quantity: How many are to be reordered at a time Manufacturer: Who manufactures the part Description: What tables are needed in such a database and how can it help improve their services?

How do foreign keys relate to candidate keys? Provide examples from either your workplace or class assignments. Provide some examples from sources other than the readings.

What would denormalization specifically involve? While portions of the Huffman network are hidden behind routers, the lack of firewalls negates any protection they offer. Huffman can alleviate many of their security issues by installing proper firewalls at every Huffman location. Access Control Access to the Huffman network should be attained through two part authentication.

Each Huffman employee with the need to access the network should be given credentials to do so. Commonly, user names and passwords are used to dictate who can access specific portions of the network.

Production staff for example will need to access inventory data, but will have no need to access accounting data. Using two part authentication and domain will allow Huffman to control which employees can access what data. Application fire walls will determine which application may send data over the Huffman network and to where.

By using such a firewall the chances of a Huffman application being hi-jacked for malicious intent will be greatly reduced. Compare it to network or application security.DBM Week 4 HUFFMAN_DRIVERLOG Set benjaminpohle.com DBM Week 4 Individual Paper Normalization of the ERD benjaminpohle.com DBM Week 4 Individual Paper Normalization of the benjaminpohle.com DBM Week 4 Learning Team MS Access benjaminpohle.com DBM Week 5 DQ benjaminpohle.com DBM Week 5 DQ benjaminpohle.com Nbsp Dbm Week 4 Normalization Erd Project Paper Doc 5 Huffman Fleet Truck Maintenance Database Trucking Submission Pptx Docx Team File Mdb Flow 1 .

Dbm Help Education Expert/benjaminpohle.com DBM Week 1 Individual Assignment Database Paper FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT benjaminpohle.com Individual Database Paper Write a to 1,word paper in which you do the following: • Define health care database systems.

The description will be the next column that will have a text data type This University of Phoenix DBM - Winter Team B - Huffman Trucking Service Request Change Request 2_3_4_5_Final %(8).

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