Degradation of moral values speech

October 18, By Sanjoy Roy Moral Values are the worthy ideals or principles that one follows to distinguish the right from the wrong. These ideals or virtues are considered worthy in building up the character of an individual.

Degradation of moral values speech

Answer Morality is the force of "how to be" in this human existence. As we exist, we be. How we be is the question of w…hat it means to be moral. Morality would ask the question of human existence, "what is the greatest way "to be" or to live?

Life, Death, Right, Wrong, Good, Evil are concepts used in morality to describe opposing ends or dualities.

Degradation of moral values speech

Morality tries to define these concepts. Can they be defined? Or was it something human beings created? Answer Morality comes in the form of sympathy, empathy, moral philosophy and adopting laws and traditions, it is what regulates our behavior.

Answer Morality is the highest standard for human behavior. But you cannot understand what is moral before you understand human behavior and what is good and what is right.

It is also based upon self understanding because if you do not understand yourself, you will not be able to understand others, their behavior and the nature of being human. It is human nature that creates what we are and our rules for behavior. All behavior is judged based on how well or how poorly it fulfills our basic and higher human responsibilities.

These instinctual drives, forces, feelings and their accompanying mental yearnings are satisfied or fulfilled through the proper behaviors which are pre-designed to relinquish them. The proper behaviors that fulfill these human responsibilities in turn then lead to newer, higher goals to fulfill, to complete.

However what about human emotions? They are designed as our unthinking signs and indicators as to how well or how poorly we are fulfilling our human instinctual obligations.

Morals & Values among Indians is Degenerating - Group Discussion

Our instincts create all of our responsibilities and goals in life and our emotions help to guide to those objectives. This is the reason or purpose to instincts and emotions being part of the human design. What is good fulfills human instinctual obligation on a base level of the individual, in the narrowest scope of the here and now.

Right behavior fulfills human instinctual obligation not just for the individual but for others affected by his words and actions.

Those affects last for a longer period of time.

Teaching Moral Values on a School Trip

What is moral is behavior that fulfills human instinctual responsibility for oneself and all others affected by ones behavior for the longest period of time, preferably a lifetime.

What is good fulfills the instinct of say, self preservation. The need to keep warm, clothed and fed. What is right is to fulfill the requirements of comfort, well being and social acceptability, all facets of that instinct for oneself and ones family and neighbors.

What would be moral is to fulfill those same responsibilities for oneself, ones family, neighbors, community and others who would benefit from that persons words, actions and behaviors.

Where base instinctual requirements cause the individual to seek immediate gratification, the higher, moral goals would have him create lasting fulfillment. This is a very simple explanation of a very complex answer. In its most fundamental form, morality is the ethical code of conduct an individual follows that distinguishes "right" from "wrong.Moral degradation of an individual is not other’s responsibility first of all.

This is the cyber era, the world is owned by internet and social media which is nothing bad obviously!! But yes, the world out there posts lot many risks for growing generations.

Free Essays on Degradation Of Moral Values In Today s Youth. Get help with your writing. 1 through CAUSES OF MORAL DEGRADATION Parents: Parental behavior affects the child’s personality, character and also responsible of developing moral values.

Today educated and non educated parents gives more concerned with their children’s academic achievement than . Moral values reduce social problems like unrest, social erosion, crime, separatism, class conflict, isolation, lack of well being and after all collective distance.

Morals are influenced by family, society, culture and social values etc. Moral Degradation in teens? How would someone define that? Maybe more inclination of teens towards pornography and sex and violence laden shows could led many to believe that.

Yes, sadly it seems as though the moral and ethical values of young people seems to be deteriorating. It seems as though young people are caring less about morals and ethical values, and are instead focusing on themselves in order to promote their own agendas, and the agendas do not focus on morals or values.

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