Essayas afeworki

See a complete explanation of the series and a list of others profiled here. Isaias Afewerki, Eritrea Length of rule: Afewerki became the country's first and only president in after helping achieve Eritrean independence from Ethiopia two years earlier.

Essayas afeworki

Right, after the ELF cadres left, the students continued the discussion, and according to two of those students, Esayas was the only one who negatively commented, saying that he does not want to be an instrument of Muslims.

His comment showed his bias against Muslims and his eventual intensions. He also, deceptively joined the Eritrean Liberation Front infor the purpose of sabotaging and disrupting the ELF from within, during its armed struggle for Eritrean Independence from Ethiopia. That means, Isayas did not join the Eritrean armed struggle for the purpose of Eritrean liberation, as many of us were deceived to believe, but to intentionally sabotage and disrupt the movement from within, and also to espouse his dream of becoming the echelon of the movement.

By doing so, he weakened the homogenous fabric of the Eritrean society. He deceptively sliced and diced the country into highlands, lowlands, regions and religions. As a result of such internal wars, many combatants from both political fronts were unnecessarily martyred.

The damages Esayas Afeworki has caused to the state of Eritrea and Eritrean is immeasurable, unprecedented and unparalleled and cannot be reasonably described within the limited scope and content of this piece.

Highlights of pre-independence damages Issayas had caused to Eritrea and Eritreans: His most powerful ability was to create a highly secretive and potent security apparatus, which effectively operated unnoticed until the day of independence, without even the knowledge of some in the ranks, who were e supposed to be his comrades.

In some cases, the ordered killers were immediately being eliminated to keep his dirty schemes leak proof. Such immense power is unprecedented, and it will shame all Eritreans for generations to come.

The most ironic aspect of the Eritrean war of independence was that despite the fact that Esayas has always been one of the main authors of the internal infightings of Eritreans against Eritreans, and the main architect of continuous secret disappearances of many gallant Eritrean fighters, no Eritrean, ever, had the nerve to stand up against him.

In addition, he managed to always deceptively claim an unearned recognition and fame, when indeed, he, himself, had never fired a single bullet against the Ethiopian army of occupation.

All the bad things he has shown us from day one can attest to that. One of the biggest damages he has perpetrated against the Eritrean people is that he has completely destroyed our culture, our faith and spirit.

Essayas afeworki

Post Independence After Eritrea gained its independence on May 24,Isayas Afeworki, the self proclaimed president of Eritrea for life, and a handful of collaborators, defiantly took power by betraying the Trust of and the Promise to their martyred colleagues and they have ended up destroying the country beyond repair, politically, socio-economically and diplomatically.

A significant percentage of our people are either arbitrarily tortured, or imprisoned, killed or forcibly displaced leaving their loved ones behind. Eritrean youth and children above the age of 16 years, are conscripted by force, for a meaningless and un ending slavery in the name national military service.

This military service was supposed to be eighteen months long program, but almost all of the Eritrean participants are intentionally kept in the program for multiple rounds, and some times, as even long as 20 rounds of service. This is a tactful scheme, whose main purpose is to keep them disturbed and restless, so that Esyas can stay in power, forever.

Eritrea, is unusually a country which has closed its single university, and remains to be without a national constitution for 27 plus years. Esayas has denied Eritreans to invest their resources, their skills and professions for the service and development of their country.

There is no economic planning for the welfare of the people, nor any health or social services. He does not believe in educational systems for the young people, and we can safely say that Eritrea is one of the few or the only country that denies its people the opportunity to get the benefits of the free American DV1, visa system.

The lives and well being of Eritreans has never be in his DNA. In order to annihilate and displace the Eritrean people, he got us into unwanted war with Ethiopia, and despite their much lesser in numbers, he did not arm our combatants with relatively comparable weapons.

Eritrean farmers cannot farm and feed themselves and workers cannot work. Religious people cannot worship. He has always, single handedly, ruled the country by intuition and decrees, and he is always safely, in full control of the country, and its people. It is, therefore, incumbent upon all Eritreans to get rid of this greatest cardinal of sin, before he sells the country to the highest bidder.

Long Live Eritrea, and Eternal life to our Martyrs. Our Unity and eventual Victory is imminent.In this extract from Understanding Eritrea: Inside Africa’s Most Repressive State, author Martin Plaut reflects on Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki.

Essayas afeworki

The president led his people through most of. Essayas is a con artist, who outsmarted, out foxed, and out maneuvered the Eritrean people, as a whole for over 40 years, without being seriously abated. Such immense power is unprecedented, and it will shame all Eritreans for generations to come.

The alleged perpetrator was none other than Essayas Afeworki, the incumbent President of the State of Eritrea. Whatever its merit, the story is now little known among many Eritreans, the majority of whom were born or brought up after the year , when the incident took place.

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Isaias Afwerki (also spelled "Afewerki", Tigrinya: ኢሳያስ ኣፍወርቂ ኣብርሃ ሃይሉ ሓጎስ ምራጭ [isajas afwɐrkʼi Abraha Hailu Hagos Mirach]; born 2 February ) is the first President of Eritrea, a position he has held since its independence in Born: 2 February (age 72), Asmara, British Military Administration (Eritrea).

እያለቀሱ ተለያዩ! የፕ/ት ኢሳያስ አፈወርቅ ልብ የሚነካ ሽኝት President Essayas Afeworki Farewell. Video duration: Isaias Afwerki, Afwerki also spelled Afewerki, (born February 2, , Asmara, Eritrea), Eritrean independence leader and president of Eritrea from When Isaias was born in in Asmara, the city was under the United Nations-mandated control of the United Kingdom.

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