How religious education influences my life

RegistanSher-Dor Madrasa in Samarkand In the medieval Islamic world, an elementary school was known as a maktab, which dates back to at least the 10th century.

How religious education influences my life

England[ edit ] Religious Education RE is a compulsory subject in the state education system in England. Schools are required to teach a programme of religious studies according to local and national guidelines.

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The provision of Religious Education is compulsory in all state-funded schools, but it is not compulsory for any of the children to take the subject. The subject consists of the study of different religions, religious leaders, and other religious and moral themes.

However, the curriculum is required to reflect the predominant place of Christianity in religious life and hence Christianity forms the majority of the content of the subject. All parents have the right to withdraw a child from religious education, which schools must approve.

The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority has also produced the non-statutory National Framework for Religious Education, which provides guidelines for the provision of RE at all key stages, and models the eight-levels as applied in National Curriculum subjects.

Children can additionally receive, on a voluntary basis, a religious education, either at school in private religious How religious education influences my life, or outside of school, in their religious community, if they are in a public State school.

Although in some rare regions, namely Alsace-Moselle, the old Concordat of being still valid because of the German occupation at the time of the separation of Church and State in France and the strong stand of population in favour of this, religious education is compulsory, and a dispense is necessary if the child refuses to be following Catholic or Protestant religious education.

Ireland[ edit ] In Ireland religion is taught in a subject called Religious Education which is compulsory in many schools for the Junior Certificate, but available as an option for the Leaving Certificate[ citation needed ]. The course educates students about communities of faith, the foundations of the major world religions, the sacred texts, religious practices and festivals for Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and Christians.

Students also learn about religious change in Ireland, meaning in life, religious and non-religious responses to the search for meaning, atheism, agnosticism and other forms of belief. Students are also educated about morality in a number of different faiths and their moral codes.

However, despite the stated secular stance, references to the majority religions of Shinto and Buddhism are sometimes made in class texts. Lebanon[ edit ] Being a secular country, with no state religion, Lebanon is expected to have a neutral position regarding religious education in its schools, which is not the case in the country, as well as many European and American countries.

Schools have the right to either give RE classes, or do the opposite. Religious classes are not obligatory, nor banned, and they are not replaced by "ethics" classes.

Private Schools Christian and Muslim give mandatory religious classes, reflecting their religious identification. Catholic schools give only Catholic classes, mandatory for Christian students, but can be signed up for by Muslim students, if not, Muslims do not take any classes in parallel to Christian ones.

Public schools kind of have a more liberal religious program. A Lebanese public school may give, or not give RE classes, which regard the predominant religion of the population in the area the school is located in. Students have to take these classes, whether they are Christian or Muslim.

A public school located in a mixed area would prefer not to give RE classes, unless voted oppositely by locals, RE classes may be both Christian and Muslim at the same time in this case, and students divide when this happens. Muslim students instead partake in Islamic Studies lessons.

Both subjects figure among the seven compulsory subjects undertaken by students for the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia. There has been considerable debate about the usefulness of the "Moral" subject, primarily due to the strict exam-oriented marking-schemes.

The majority of state schools in are non-denominationalbut as a result of the Education Actseparate denominational state schools were also established.

The vast majority of denominational state schools are Roman Catholic but there are also a number of Scottish Episcopal schools. The school buildings are built and maintained by the Roman Catholic Church were handed over to the state under the Education Act.

Since then,the Catholic schools are fully funded by the Scottish Government and administered by the Education and Lifelong Learning Directorate.

As part of the deal, there are specific legal provisions to ensure the promotion of a Catholic ethos in such schools: There is also one Jewish state primary school.

How religious education influences my life

The policy does not apply to private schools. The religious studies in private schools can be based on the religious beliefs of the student and can be complied with by the school. Department for Children, Schools and Families.

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It also influences the lives of many other people. Religious education influences me to think differently. Usually after a lesson that I have learned in religion class, I try to take the morals out of them and use them in every day life/5(7).

The impact of religious practice on teenage sexual behavior also can be seen at the state level: States with higher levels of aggregate religiousness have lower rates of teenage pregnancy. Slow Death and Overdoses Many people wonder if the use of alcohol and drugs is a way of committing suicide by "slow death." Most persons who abuse these substances are taking them chiefly as a kind of self-medication to reduce their stress.

At the age of just 2 weeks, my parents made the decision, on religious grounds and completely without consent, to remove my foreskin and have be non-therapeutically circumcised, as it’s Jewish law.

That’s a pretty big ‘influence’ - not having part of your body intact, because of religious teachings. Preface to the Home Education Series. The educational outlook is rather misty and depressing both at home and abroad. That science should be a staple of education, that the teaching of Latin, of modern languages, of mathematics, must be reformed, that nature and handicrafts should be pressed into service for the training of the eye and hand, that boys and girls must learn to write English and.

Bachmann belongs to a generation of Christian conservatives whose views have been shaped by institutions, tracts, and leaders not commonly known to secular Americans, or even to most Christians.

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