John lennon songwriting analysis paralysis

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John lennon songwriting analysis paralysis

The Beatles as they become fledgling songwriters; the era until they complete their first album. Although George Harrison wrote several important songs and made significant contributions to the overall Beatles sound and band directionhe wasn't a major contributor of songwriting ideas until Revolver.

Ringo was an important part of the overall Beatles sound and live performance energy, but was not a significant songwriter. So when you're thinking of the Beatles songwriting especially until Revolveryou're most likely thinking of the cowriting relationship of John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

john lennon songwriting analysis paralysis

In the early days, John and Paul were a true co-writing team--almost in the Nashville or Brill Building sense. They met regularly to write songs.

They wrote for themselves; they wrote for the Beatles; and they wrote for other bands and artists.

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They even wrote for movies. Typically, John and Paul tended to consider themselves THE songwriters for the group, occasionally spending time on one of George's songs but never giving him a single In the Early and Formative periods, John and Paul wrote the songs and brought them to the band and George Martin to finalize the arrangements.

In their Mature and Decomposing periods, the Beatles worked together in the studio to create the songs, arrangements, and recordings together--all in the same room. While John and Paul spent their writing time together, George was forced to find his own muse or to work with outside musicians.

He contributed significantly to several albums, but, in general, found it hard to get the rest of the Beatles to spend time on his songs. I describe the Beatles songwriting first in terms of the John and Paul cowriting team.

How songs are written To understand the Beatles songwriting, you must first understand how songs are written. To oversimplify the process, songs are written like this: You get an initial idea. This could include a title and a bit of melody, a riff and a few words, a part of a story, or any combination of these.

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It happens differently every time, and some ideas are more fully-formed than others. The more complete the initial idea, the easier it is to finish. You share the idea with your cowriters, if you have any.

You begin finishing and reshaping your idea. Once your draft is finished, you tweak it until you're satisfied. When your song is "done", you record it or play it live. Sure, that's an oversimplification, but the basic process is roughly the same every time: The Beatles songwriting is no exception.

They seemed to have an innate ability to simplify complex ideas almost instantly in music. In fact, John and Paul had a lot in common: They seemed to find both pleasure and competition in songwriting.

Each songwriter enjoyed constantly trying to out-do the other. The Beatles songwriting relationship changed with each stage of their career. Songs were hammered out or not and were not usually written down. Interestingly, Paul was left-handed and both boys learned to play guitars upside down to trade licks more easily.

While in the car, Paul would frequently come up with an idea to work on. While he was waiting on John to get ready, Paul would flesh out the idea a little more. When John arrived, they would trade their ideas over tea, and choose one to work on.

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They would work several hours until they made significant progress. They usually finished a song during a session. Of course, this was in addition to touring, interviews, and movie work. Some of the Beatles songs written this way include: Instead, they spent their time redefining how the studio was used in popular music.

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John was glimpsed more recently in the films The Calling (Damian Chapa, ) and The Trip (Miles Swain, ) and she and Wagner had small roles as Santa and Mrs. Claus in the TV movie Northpole (Douglas Barr, ).

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