Lux case study

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Lux case study

I found it to be very helpful in alleviating my symptoms of SAD" E. MB Canada "The white light is effective, however, I looked forward to the green light Using the green light was a pleasure rather than a discipline. I felt calmer and less sleepy during the day It helps in shifting me back and helped decrease the frequency of my migraine headaches.

My son has been struggling with his sleep cycle for years due to late-stage Chronic Lyme Disease and he is now getting up at about 9: This is a huge improvement from where he started and we have every reason to believe it will continue to get better.

Thanks for doing what you do!! InI started taking advantage of blue light technology, but 2 years later I had some problems with my eye sight.

I have now been using the green light instead of the blue one for a few months, and it has done wonders for me.

Lux case study

Not only am I no longer worried about my eye sight, it is also even more effective than the blue light was, in my personal experience. My work days are obviously a lot more productive as well and by merit of that alone, the green light has already paid for itself.

Q&A on Bright Light Therapy

Brazil "I recently retired and almost immediately started suffering from insomnia. Then fall came and I also fell into a depression SAD. I started to use green light therapy, and the results were simply amazing. Within one week my insomnia and SAD were completely under control. I now get up with no problem, have lots of energy throughout the day, and am in a good state of mind.

I am very happy with Green Light therapy. MB Canada "I felt less depressed. The very first time I used the lamp I felt very energized. When I used the lamp I felt like the sun was shining on me. The Lo-LIGHT therapy lamp is the only light therapy lamp used for sleep and mood disorders that does not emit blue light, contribue to retinal damage, and advance the onset of Age-Related Macular Degeneration.

The consequences of eye damage for users of light therapy lamps can be severe. Chronobiology, Sleep, and Night Shift Chronobiology is the science concerning the regulation of internal body clocks by timed exposure to appropriate light sources.

It is applicable to alleviating the problems associted with working on the night shift, regulating sleep and treating mood disorders. Chronobiology is used in the treatment of sleep disorders like DSPS, for correcting the disturbed sleep patterns and circadian rhythm disruption that often occurs in shift workers and older people, as well as for in treatment of mood disorders.

Lux case study

Lo-LIGHT lamps have been shown to be highly effective in regulating the human internal body clock and have demonstrated their effectiveness in improving alertness and performance of night shift workers in studies conducted by both university and military researchers. CEMS was successfully tested on operational U.

Coast Guard cutters as well as on commercial vessels operating on American inland waterways and on oceans.

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CEMS - the U. The reason this study is so significant is because several authors of this study were responsible for the studies that led to the widespread misconception that blue light wavelengths are more effective than white light for light therapy.LUX is the ANSWER to your Battery Problems!

Protective and Durable Advanced Battery Technology! Full Protection: Full degree bumper protection with access to all ports & a raised front lip to protect your screen from damage.

This is the best overall case! High Quality: Made with the highest Quality Lithium-ion Batteries on the market. In , and mAH respectively. Recent Examples on the Web. Ten kids, ages 3 to 5, were exposed to bright light (about 1, lux from a light box) for one hour before their habitual bedtime.

— Richard G. "bugs" Stevens, Washington Post, "Bright lights near bedtime can cause sleep problems in children," 19 May The room itself feels something like beatnik-chic, draped in lavish vintage touches that feel lux but not. The literature suggests that these credits translate into improved IEQ.

Our previous review of green buildings and health identified 17 studies and found that, overall, occupants report better IEQ and fewer health problems in these buildings compared to non-certified buildings. No one has the same marketing and digital signage needs that you do, which is why Scala makes its solutions flexible and customizable.


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