Pert cpm and transportation problem technique

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Pert cpm and transportation problem technique

PERT and CPM: Techniques of Project Management (Advantages and Disadvantages)

PERT can be applied to any field requiring planned, controlled and integrated work efforts to accomplish defined objectives. On the other hand, CPM Critical Path Method is the method of project planning consisting of a number of well defined and clearly recognizable activities.

PERT uses event oriented Network. Durations of activity may be estimated with a fair degree of accuracy. Estimate of time for activities are not so accurate and definite.

It is used extensively in construction projects. It is used mostly in research and development projects, particularly projects of non-repetitive nature.

Deterministic concept is used.


Probabilistic model concept is used. CPM can control both time and cost when planning. PERT is basically a tool for planning. In CPM, cost optimization is given prime importance.

The time for the completion of the project depends upon cost optimization. The cost is not directly proportioned to time. Thus, cost is the controlling factor.

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In PERT, it is assumed that cost varies directly with time. Attention is therefore given to minimize the time so that minimum cost results. Thus in PERT, time is the controlling factor.Transportation Problem Technique PERT-CPM In applying PERT-CPM, one of the member of IIMMPC, CROWN Furniture will serve as the study model.

It will be used in analyzing the production plan for the project assigned to the entity.

Pert cpm and transportation problem technique

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Pert-Cpm and Transportation Problem Technique. CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY The IIMMPC is a producer’s cooperative composed of small scale manufacturers from Iligan City and Lanao del Norte - Pert-Cpm and Transportation Problem.

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Pert cpm and transportation problem technique