Printrequestattributeset custom paper size

It sounds like a good way, but there is one problem. I tried creating a new table, that I did'nt add to a container, but it did'nt print anything.

Printrequestattributeset custom paper size

It is displayed at the location specified by the application and is modal. If the specification is invalid or would make the dialog not visible it will be displayed at a location determined by the implementation.

printrequestattributeset custom paper size

The dialog blocks its calling thread and is application modal. If there is no ServiceUIFactory or no matching role the custom tab will be empty or not visible.

The dialog returns the print service selected by the user if the user OK's the dialog and null if the user cancels the dialog. An application must pass in an array of print services to browse. The array must be non-null and non-empty. Typically an application will pass in only PrintServices capable of printing a particular document flavor.

An application may pass in a PrintService to be initially displayed. A non-null parameter must be included in the array of browsable services.

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If this parameter is null a service is chosen by the implementation. An application may optionally pass in the flavor to be printed. If this is non-null choices presented to the user can be better validated against those supported by the services.

An application must pass in a PrintRequestAttributeSet for returning user choices. On calling the PrintRequestAttributeSet may be empty, or may contain application-specified values. These are used to set the initial settings for the initially displayed print service.

Values which are not supported by the print service are ignored. As the user browses print services, attributes and values are copied to the new display. If a user browses a print service which does not support a particular attribute-value, the default for that service is used as the new value to be copied.

If the user cancels the dialog, the returned attributes will not reflect any changes made by the user. A typical basic usage of this method may be: This cannot be null but may be empty. On output the attributes reflect changes made by the user. HeadlessException - if GraphicsEnvironment.

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IllegalArgumentException - if services is null or empty, or attributes is null, or the initial PrintService is not in the list of browsable services. Seule la version anglaise est disponible pour l'instant. Plus d'info sur les conditions d'utilisation et sur l'auteur. N'oubliez pas que vous devez croiser les informations de sources multiples afin de diminuer les risques d'erreurs.The dialogs follow a standard pattern of acting as a continue/cancel option for a user as well as allowing the user to select the print service to use and specify choices such as paper size and number of copies.

The * component does not have to be visible or painted. * * @param pos the position ≥ 0 * @return the coordinates as a rectangle, with (r.x, r.y) as the location * in the coordinate system, or null if the component does * not yet have a positive size.

* @exception BadLocationException if the given position. openpcl-svncommits — SVN commits auto-notify You can subscribe to this list here..

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Jan Feb Mar. Q5: I used setMaximumPages to print my JTable on one page, but when the user printed to a different printer (or changed the margins, headers, footers, paper size, .

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