Profile of a respondents as regard in age

The evidence showed that the Amish provide continuing informal vocational education to their children designed to prepare them for life in the rural Amish community. The evidence also showed that respondents sincerely believed that high school attendance was contrary to the Amish religion and way of life, and that they would endanger their own salvation and that of their children by complying with the law.

Profile of a respondents as regard in age

The authors also would like to acknowledge editorial suggestions for this publication by Sherry Larkin, Carol Fountain, and Travis Prescott, University of Florida.

Introduction This publication summarizes responses to a public survey about the importance of water-resource issues in Florida titled Water Issues in Florida. The survey was mailed to 1, randomly selected Florida households in the fall of and spring of ; households completed and returned the survey In comparison with total Florida population, the survey respondents were much older, were more educated, and were comprised of a larger proportion of males Table 1.

In this publication, the correlation between survey responses and respondents' age, education, gender, and residency status is examined using the chi-square test.

The chi-square test is a statistical test commonly used to examine if frequencies observed in data differ from frequencies predicted based on a certain hypothesis for more information about the chi-square test and other methods commonly used for data analysis, see EDIS publication PD, Phases of Data Analysis, by Glenn Israel [], http: The hypothesis tested in this study is that survey answers are independent from respondents' demographic and residence characteristics referred to as null hypothesis.

Depending on chi-square test values, we reject this hypothesis or fail to reject it. However, none of the statistical tests allow researchers to make definite conclusions. In this study, we use the 95 percent or 99 percent confidence level when we reject the null hypothesis i.

Florida Water—Resource Issues Water-resource quality. The respondents were asked to rank the importance of water-resource issues by selecting one of the following answers: The first seven questions asked about respondents' feelings about clean 1 rivers and lakes, 2 marine water, 3 bays and estuaries, 4 beaches, 5 drinking water, 6 groundwater, and 7 water for shell-fishing.

Profile of a respondents as regard in age

Importance of water for various uses. Next, the respondents were asked about the importance of water in various uses. For the issues of water for power, commerce, and industry, 10 percent of respondents had no opinion, which indicates limited information on the subject can be an educational opportunity.

The chi-square test indicated that this difference in responses was statistically significant with 95 percent confidence level. More research should be conducted to explain such difference in the responses. Two survey questions focused on the issues of interstate and intrastate within-state water sales or transfers of water rights.

These issues generated controversy in recent years see Goodnough [] for a discussion about water transfers from north to south Florida, and FDEP [] for information about water allocation in the interstate region of the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint [ACF] River basin.

About one-third of respondents had no opinion on at least one of the issues. Chi-square tests showed that the difference in responses is statistically significant with 99 percent confidence level. Hypoxia is when the concentration of dissolved oxygen in lakes, estuaries, or other water bodies decreases "to a level that can no longer support living aquatic organisms" LUMCON The high percentage of respondents with no opinion on this issue can be explained by the limited information available to Florida residents about the hypoxic conditions in the Gulf of Mexico.

These results indicate a lack of information available to the respondents on these issues.

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Survey responses depended on residence and demographic characteristics of citizens. Location inside city limits influenced the opinions about the importance of water for recreation. Furthermore, respondents residing in cities with populations greater thanpeople ranked the importance of interstate or intrastate water rights sales and transfer higher than those residing in smaller cities.

More respondents who have resided in Florida all their lives believed that the issue of hypoxia Gulf dead zone is not important in comparison with respondents who resided in Florida for a shorter time period.

With respect to demographic characteristics, respondents from different age groups had different attitudes about interstate or intrastate water rights sales or transfers.

Education and outreach programs should account for the differences in opinions and attitudes of Florida citizens. Educational programs should be designed with diversity in mind by targeting different age groups, people residing inside or outside city limits, citizens in cities of different sizes, newer residents of Florida versus long-time residents, and the state's part-time residents versus its year-round residents.

Developers urge support of water transfer to populous South Florida. The New York Times, September Much of this analysis is based on adults ages 25 and older. Adults in this age group are closer to the median age of first marriage, and most . Furthermore, respondents older than age 50 tended to rank the issues of interstate or intrastate water rights sale / transfers as important / very important, while respondents between the ages of 30 and 50 selected the no opinion option more often (Figures 4 and 5).

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