Resource requirements business plan

Resource Requirements Planning uses data from a forecast of future sales to estimate the time and resources that are required to make a product. RRP can help you resolve long-range planning issues, such as: Expanding existing facilities Staffing loads Determining capital expenditures for equipment RRP enables you to support your company's strategic business plan with a realistic tactical plan that:

Resource requirements business plan

August 31, The means to achieve project objectives Resources are the means we use to achieve project objectives. The primary resource is obviously people with applicable skills and competencies.

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The other main grouping of resources we need includes capital, facilities, equipment, material and information. There is usually a gap between the investment reach of a project and the project demands. See diagram 1 below In order to ensure a cost-effective application of required resources we must perform a proper needs analysis in order to define the project goals and objectives.

The WBS is the base document for determining resource requirements. The requirement specification will spell out the real requirements to achieve through the specific project.

The objective of this article is to provide some guidelines and advice to determine resource requirements and the process of acquiring and managing resources. Inputs to resource planning The WBS identifies the project elements that will need resources.

In many instances there are industry standards available that you can consult The scope statement contains the project justification and the project objectives which should be considered A resource pool description is another useful input.

It constitutes knowledge of what resources people, equipment and material are potentially available Resource estimation Resource requirements business plan estimation is a structured prediction of the cost and other resources required to execute a task.

One of the primary functions of the process is to establish a control basis. Therefore the more accurate the estimation, the more reliable the control system becomes. The required accuracy and effort going into resource estimation can be influenced by the element of uncertainty and risk involved because of technical complexity and novelty of the project.

The expected price basis of the contract could make resource estimation a critical factor. The higher the risk the more important it becomes to have a realistic estimation, which implies a more detailed process.

The amount of effort that it will take to complete a task is also important.

resource requirements business plan

Effort is determined by the time it will take to complete a task. A properly documented Resource Plan will specify the exact quantities of human resources, equipment and materials needed to complete your project.

Resource acquisition Resource acquisition refers to the process of physically securing the necessary inputs. All resources required have to be paid for in some way or another. The financing of a project therefore plays an essential role in the acquisition process.

The acquisition process must be managed properly to take care of possible seasonal shortages, labor disputes, equipment breakdowns, competing demands, delayed deliveries and other things that may go wrong. The project plan may have to be modified to accommodate or work around supply problems.

Resource leveling Resource leveling is the process that ensures resource demand does not exceed resource availability and vice versa. The first step is usually to move non-critical tasks with float to a later date. If you are forced to reschedule a task on the critical path it would influence the completion dates of successive tasks.

Check to see whether it will have an influence on meeting the project deadline. Human resource planning We use a responsibility assignment matrix to allocate roles and responsibilities. The WBS work breakdown structure is the primary document for doing this.

List the project activities on the left-hand side of the matrix and role-players on top of the matrix. List a brief description of the work to be done in the matrix cells. After completion of the RAM you will know exactly who will do what on the project and what their respective roles are.

If it is a large project you can then draw up an organization chart for the project. Once the staff have been assigned you can plan for briefings, coaching, training and all the activities re the management of the project teams and staff.

Resource allocation The different types and quantities of resources must be allocated to the project as needed to perform the activities.


A schedule for this must be maintained to ensure that the allocation process takes place on time and in the right quantities. In many disciplines, there are specific methods and documentation to ensure this e. There may also be some conflicting needs for equipment that must be managed. The delivery of resources is a very important point.

During contracting, you must know exactly where resources will be originated and where it will be delivered to. Sometimes delivery to site is a good option.Although summarized resource information may be described within the Business Case, Feasibility Study, Terms of Reference or Project Plan, a detailed Resource Plan cannot be created until every activity and task within the Project Plan has been identified.

A quick look at the example will reveal two important things that must be given due attention in a project resource plan – Human and Non-human resources must be accounted for in separate sections, and; The resource requirements should be analyzed individually for each phase of the project.

Identifying business resources you'll be starting your business with already, and accounting for the resources you'll need to acquire after launching the business, is a crucial step in business planning.

There are seven major components of a business plan, and each one is a complex document. Elements of a Business Plan In the business plan, capital requirements are tied to projected sales.

Determine resource requirements Determine resource requirements Page 12 BSBADMA – Coordinate business resources Compliance with legislation You might ask how legislation could affect an organisation’s resources or how they are allocated.

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