Sammys case

Genetic diversity[ edit ] The Samoyed is a primitive dog belonging to the spitz or northern dog group, specifically the laikas: The Samoyed is descended from the Nenets herding laikaa dog that comes in not only white, but also a wider variety of colors. Like many breeds, the Samoyed was bred from a small number of founders in this case, from Siberia.

Sammys case

Measuring Skin Barrier Reparation Sam's skin has been clear and soft for so long now that I feel quite confident recognizing exposure and healing patterns, as well as the distinct difference between detergent-reactive eczema and infection.

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He rarely has issues, but when he does, it is a relief to know just what to do to quickly eliminate his eczema. We currently maintain Sam's clear skin by consistently doing Sammys case things: We avoid all obvious detergents and all products containing less obvious detergent ingredients.

We use only pure, true soap products for all household and personal care needs. Sammys case is not sufficient, and I will explain why in a moment. We protect his skin from the environmental detergent residues outside our control by using clothing or ointment barriers to minimize exposure and maintain healing.

Since Sam's skin is now a blank slate, I am able to experiment with products and situations and then judge the effects more easily than I could when his skin was red and broken. This process of trying new things, and making connections from repeat observations, is fascinating to me.

I am learning so much about contact eczema. The Experiment Several weeks ago, I purposely allowed Sam to break out in eczema. I did this by allowing him to walk around the house without pants or socks on for an entire day.

He spent twelve hours in direct contact with our ancient, detergent-saturated carpet.

This is significant because last year, in the months immediately following his miraculous healing, even 30 minutes in contact with our carpet was enough to cause relapse of what looked like large red burns on his skin.

I wanted to find out if, after 10 solid months of detergent-free healing, Sam's eczema would look and present differently due to a much stronger and improved skin barrier. However, in the long term absence of both damaging sources steroids and detergentsthe skin barrier could begin the work of repairing itself, become stronger, less permeable, and therefore less susceptible to severe breakouts.

If this was the case, then the resulting eczema from spending a day in contact with the carpet should be much less than it was with the same exposure time last summer or fall. I suppose I am actually putting her hypothesis to the test and applying it to a slightly different situation where steroids were a factor.

How It All Went Down I didn't think to take a "before" photo but I can assure you his legs were completely clear, with the exception of a faint hint of redness around the knees the ever persistent remnants of skin candida which must run really deep because I've yet to be able to get rid of that last little bit!

At least its under control. And here is the result of twelve hours of bare-skinned exposure to a ten-year-old detergent saturated carpet: Not bad at all! I was surprised how limited the eczema was.

The worst spot, as you can see, was on his left knee where he still has a bit of yeast infection. The detergent exposure seems to have really aggravated the infection, and caused it to flare and spread far beyond what it was the day before.On Sammy's Case.


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Sammys case

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