The most beautiful girl in shenzhen

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The most beautiful girl in shenzhen

Start the gallery Scroll to view the gallery From sleepy village to vast metropolis Forty years ago, Shenzhen was an isolated fishing village just north of Hong Kong, the point from which vast numbers of mainlanders risked their lives to illegally emigrate by swimming across the border to their prosperous southern neighbour.

Following the death of Mao Zedong, Chinese paramount leader Deng Xiaoping ushered in an era of economic reforms, overseas investment and greater openness in diplomatic affairs with the rest of the world.

Shenzhen benefited from its adjacency to Hong Kong — at the time a successful, booming market economy run by the British.

Tax incentives and freedom to trade without the approval of the Chinese government helped Shenzhen to lure Hong Kong manufacturers and investors to open factories there.

The huge gap in wealth and living costs between the two cities allowed rich transplants to lead luxurious lifestyles. Hard-charging innovation hub Through the s and s, Shenzhen was considered to be a cheap and rather soulless manufacturing base.

Mainly occupied by factories, and oriented as a low-tech and intensive-labour manufacturing centre, the population predominantly consisted of migrant factory workers from rural parts of China. Fast-forward to and Shenzhen is now a national hub of innovation, technology, artificial intelligence, start-ups and bio-tech which avidly competes with its more famous neighbour.

The city has better air quality than most others in China, according to a government air quality report, which found Shenzhen among just eight of 74 cities monitored that met national standards on a series of pollution measures.

Thanks to a newer, more efficient transport system and urban planning, traffic is not as much of a problem as in Beijing and Shanghai.

And due to the major influx of Chinese migrants into the city over the past 37 years, Shenzhen's residents are said to be more welcoming and hospitable to visitors from around the world. In Shenzhen, as with all Chinese cities, media outlets operate under tight Communist Party control and internet access and freedom is curtailed: Foreigners also still face a significant language barrier, which can be a big problem for anyone who gets sick, since even the best hospitals make few concessions to language skills and overall services can be mediocre.

Foreigners needing medical attention are better off running to a hospital in Hong Kong, where communication will be easier.

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Numerous trade fairs and exhibitions throughout the year add to the draw. Shenzhen is also a massive logistics hub with two shipping ports, Shekou in the west and Yantian port in the east.

The latter is the fifth-largest port in the world by traffic volume. But increasingly, foreigners come to the city for more than just manufacturing. The fastest-growing industries to attract foreign investment are real estate, IT, and culture and entertainment, according to government figures.

More than 53 million people visited Shenzhen in the most recent year availableand of those, foreigners made up The city has five land border crossings for travellers commuting from Hong Kong, and flights arrive to the newly-built Shenzhen International Airport from every corner of China and 21 international destinations including Germany, the US and Japan.

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High-speed trains link Shenzhen to major cities in the region including Macau, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. There is a long list of luxury and business hotels and serviced apartments catering to business travellers, most of them located in the Futian Central Business District area near the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.

The most beautiful girl in shenzhen

For those living in Shenzhen, however, the influx of wealth and business has also made it harder to live there. It means many working families cannot afford their own home in the city, no matter how hard they work.

Shenzhen is home to the world's fifth-busiest port Off the clock Shenzhen is surrounded by mountains and the sea, which provides an opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle for even just a few hours. A short jog from the central business district is Lotus Mountain Lianhua Shan in Chinesewhere a giant statue of former leader Deng Xiaoping, depicted striding boldly into the future.most beautiful asian girls, Asian dating online service is provided by Here you can meet beautiful Asian women and date them.

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Shenzhen is a sub-provincial city of Guangdong province in southern People's Republic of China, situated north of Hong Kong.

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