Wordsmith and sam sing in the gold mountain coat

He has few words to prove his love.

Wordsmith and sam sing in the gold mountain coat

Luke Osborn works as an eye doctor specializing in retinal surgery for the new Eye Institute. For a new doctor it is a privilege to be apart of mingling with the ultra-rich whose generous donations created this new facility, but Luke feels that he does not belong.

He has never possessed that much money or lived twitch extravagance. This new institute is A. MacNeil's dream project as the institute's leader. Naturally at this event, his wife, Agnes as well as his grown daughters, Lucy and Elizabeth astute do.

Strangely the two daughters are very different. Lucy is a lawyer who is dark, slim, drunk, and angry. Contrastly, Elizabeth, a teacher, is fair colored, a little overweight, sober, and pleasant.

One of his first conversations with Lucy had her complaining about eye surgery, "It's not just mistakes that piss me off, it's the coverups. At the party, Luke is offered the position of being the director of clinical research.

He is hesitant with accepting this position since he views himself as a surgeon, not an administrator. As he leaves the party, Luke does have a shock.

His vehicle is stripped. Tires, wheels, bumpers, mirrors, and radio are all missing. How will he get to his home, which is two and a half hours away? Lucy agrees to drive him home. She is somewhat drunk and drives her expensive sports car erratically and way too fast.

They swerve to miss a dog, hit a bump and colliding with a tree. Luke and Lucy looked for whatever caused the bump, but do not find anything. The next day, a woman's body is found. She happens to be a judge's wife. Since she died of blunt trauma.

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Since the police were not called, the logical conclusion is than Lucy was likely drunk and is being charged with vehicular manslaughter. Lucy needs Luke to convince the grand jury that she was not intoxicated as she drove to Luke's.

This is how their relationship begins and quickly evolves into the two being married privately by a justice of the peace. Did she marry him for love or to control his testimony? Or is Luke marrying the boss's daughter for his career advancement? Luke comes from a family where his father was domineering, his mother was passive and he has five siblings.

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He is a little skeptical in beginning this relationship since his first wife killed herself. However, he allows Lucy to quickly take the lead in their marriage. As a lawyer, Lucy is placed on a case of defending a television evangelist of the Apostolic Church of Christ accused of rape of a minor.

Hower Bain is on video surveillance of being alone with the girl. How can anyone defend him? Hower is separated from his wife, son, and daughter. He states that this is because of their faith differences. Could it be that he is unfaithful?

This case requires Lucy to travel and to spend much time away from Luke. Lucy does become pregnant and gives birth to Jennifer prematurely, weighing less than three pounds.

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With two highly regarded professional careers, they decide to hire a nanny to care for their daughter.In “Wordsmith” by Young and “The Gold Mountain Coat” by Fong-Bates both passages show relationships between fathers and their children.

The relationship between father and daughter in “Wordsmith” contrasts greatly with the type of relationship that Sam Sing has with his children.

Jan 16,  · In the short story, “The Gold Mountain Coat” by Judy Fong-Bates, we learn a lot about Sam Sing’s character. We learn that Sam is routine, anti-social, and that he lives in content. In this story we learned a lot about Sam’s character, and that he is an interesting character as well.

First of all Sam is routine person – has a routine and sticks to it. “The Gold Mountain Coat”, written by Judy Fong-Bates, describes Sam Sing is not friendly and generous to his sons at all.

However, when his sons finally go through their interior barriers and gets to know him, he is truly an understanding kindly dad. Mar 12,  · Finish reading "Wordsmith" and "The Gold Mountain Coat" and answer the multiple choice questions on pp.

Wordsmith and sam sing in the gold mountain coat

8 and Then, create a full page T-chart of similarities and differences that answers the following question: Compare and contrast the relationships that the father in “Wordsmith” and Sam Sing in “The Gold Mountain Coat” have with their children.

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